Richard Wendel III

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I am a Computer Science major, EE minor at the University of Illinois.

After I started college I quickly realized that while I really enjoy CS, I also really like circuits.

What I like most is building the software and hardware interfaces to physical machines.

Ask me about Hyperloop. Huge fan of space

Work Experience:

Software Engineering Intern,
Ball Aerospace

June — August 2018

Developed algorithms for an image processing PCI card for a satellite.

Led electronics design, integration, and testing for two payloads for BIRST, an intern program launching payloads on ULA's Future Heavy sounding rocket.

Software Engineering Intern,
Ball Aerospace

June — August 2017

Developing data collection, command and telemetry software as a part of a Flight Demonstration program.

Led sensor suite electronics development and testing for a remote sensing payload as a part of BIRST, an intern program launching payloads on EOSS high altitude balloons.

Summer IT Intern,
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

May — August 2016

I worked in the Collaboration Services area inside of Global IT, which is responsible for SharePoint, Skype, OneDrive for Business, and all of Office 365.

Summer Intern,
INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati working at Procter & Gamble

June — August 2015


President and Electronics Lead,
Illini Hyperloop

September 2017 — Present

Illini Hyperloop is a student organization competing in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. I have been involved with this project since October 2015, and have been the President since September 2017. As President I lead approximately 20 students, oversee the mechanical and electrical design, finances, and construction of our vehicles.

Competition 4 — TBA 2019

Competition 3 — July 2018

Competition 2 — August 2017

Competition 1 — January 2017

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Custom controlled Quadcopter

December 2015 — April 2017

Video of test flight!

Buying a quadcopter is just too easy. I wanted to build my own, so I did! During the winter break of my freshman year, I began to buy the parts and put together my quadcopter.

However, the quadcopter is not controlled from a traditional RC remote. I have a different set up. I created an Android app that acts as a controller which communicates via Wi-Fi to a Raspberry Pi onboard of the quadcopter, which then relays the inputs via a serial port to the MultiWii flight controller. I was initially inspired by an Instructable, so I decided to document my build process as well.


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Major: Computer Science
Minor: Electrical Engineering

B.S. expected May 2019

GPA: 3.87

Current coursework:

Past Technical coursework:

National High School Game Academy,
Carnegie Mellon University

June 2014 — August 2014

NHSGA is a six week program that Carnegie Mellon University hosts. I was exposed to the artistic and technical side of the video game industry, creating video games with other programmers, artists, and game designers. I was able to work with two different teams as a lead programmer and create a total of three video games. I learned C# to be able to program the games using the Unity Game Engine. It was a great experience where I could focus all of my time and energy to develop great games.