Richard Wendel III

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Computer Science major & EE minor from the University of Illinois.

After I started college I quickly realized that while I really enjoy CS, I also really like circuits.

Work Experience:

Software Engineering Intern,
Ball Aerospace

June — August 2018

Developed algorithms for an image processing PCI card for a satellite.

Led electronics design, integration, and testing for two payloads for BIRST, an intern program launching payloads on ULA's Future Heavy sounding rocket.

Software Engineering Intern,
Ball Aerospace

June — August 2017

Developing data collection, command and telemetry software as a part of a Flight Demonstration program.

Led sensor suite electronics development and testing for a remote sensing payload as a part of BIRST, an intern program launching payloads on EOSS high altitude balloons.


President and Electronics Lead,
Illini Hyperloop

September 2017 — Present

Illini Hyperloop is a student organization competing in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. I have been involved with this project since October 2015, and have been the President since September 2017. As President I lead approximately 20 students, oversee the mechanical and electrical design, finances, and construction of our vehicles.

Competition 4 — TBA 2019

Competition 3 — July 2018

Competition 2 — August 2017

Competition 1 — January 2017

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Custom controlled Quadcopter

December 2015 — April 2017

Video of test flight!

Buying a quadcopter is just too easy. I wanted to build my own, so I did! During the winter break of my freshman year, I began to buy the parts and put together my quadcopter.

However, the quadcopter is not controlled from a traditional RC remote. I have a different set up. I created an Android app that acts as a controller which communicates via Wi-Fi to a Raspberry Pi onboard of the quadcopter, which then relays the inputs via a serial port to the MultiWii flight controller. I was initially inspired by an Instructable, so I decided to document my build process as well.


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Major: Computer Science
Minor: Electrical Engineering

B.S. May 2019